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Friday, March 2, 2012

Robber returned to bank for cab fare


A would-be bank robber was arrested in the US - after returning to the scene of his crime to withdraw cash for taxi fare.

The 39-year-old man had tried to rob a Wells Fargo bank in Chamblee, Georgia, at gunpoint.

He handed the cashier a note saying: "Give me the money or we start shooting", reports Newser.

"Obviously, feeling safe behind the bulletproof glass, the teller just stepped back and the individual left without any money," said Chamblee Police Chief Marc Johnson.

The man jumped into a taxi to make his getaway back to his car parked nearby where he realised he didn't have any money for the fare.

Fearing he intended driving off without paying, the female taxi driver blocked in his car and got the attention of a police officer.

"The officer just convinced the guy that you need to get some money and pay your bill or else you'll end up in trouble," Police Chief Johnson added.

The policeman escorted him back to the same bank to withdraw cash legally where bank employees recognised him. The man was arrested and charged with attempted armed robbery.

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